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Gameday Thread, #65: 6/13 vs. White Sox

Estes (4-4, 4.46)
Contreras (3-2, 3.13)

I think Melvin will be able to take the ball away from Estes in this game, when he pries it from his cold, dead fingers. Luckily for Shawn, the atrocity which was our bullpen will likely be in no shape to do much, having been tried - and largely, found wanting - for ten innings in the series against the Royals. Given this, it's probably good news that this is an AL field. Therefore, the DH will be in effect, meaning our starters won't need to be replaced by a pinch-hitter. There's little doubt who the designated hitter will be for us - Tony Clark.

The Sox have perhaps been the biggest surprise in baseball this year; their 42-20 record is the best in the majors and they're already 7 1/2 games ahead of their Chigaco brothers; you'd have got decent odds against that, before the season began. Konerko leads the team with 15 homers, while Iguchi is hitting .298. Podsednik continues his assault on the basepaths, currently on pace for 81 stolen bases.