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Gameday Thread, #62: 6/10 vs. Royals

Greinke (1-7, 4.91)
Ortiz (4-5, 5.62)

The Royals, currently on pace for 110 losses, come to town, so it seems like a good time for us to get out of our losing ways. Taking the mound for KC is Zach Greinke, whose stats I don't need to check, since he has been stinking up my fantasy team all season. Not after tonight, Mr. Greinke.

Which makes this a win-win kinda game for me - unless, of course, Greinke gets lit up, but the Royals roar back after his departure against our bullpen. This is actually more than likely, when I think about it. :-( There's a reason our relievers are ranked 15th in the NL for ERA (5.77) and WHIP (1.61), above only Colorado.

The Royals aren't as bad as their record suggests, and have a 6-3 record under new manager Buddy Bell. They took two of three from the Giants earlier in the week - since we're putting Russ Ortiz on the mound, we could easily end up seeing a score like 12-11. And the second innings could be equally bad...

See Royals Review for their take - which is surprisingly optimisic for a team 21 games under .500. I don't recall being quite so chipper in 2004 as we spiralled down, but how long ago that now seems!