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Gameday Thread, #53: 6/1 vs. Mets

Webb (6-1, 3.39)
Zambrano (2-5, 4.74)

I like Wednesdays. They're pretty much the only day of the week when I know I've got a good chance of watching the entire game - though this East coast road-trip offers hope for Sunday and Monday, with morning (AZ time) starts both days.

Tonight should be fun, with our winningest pitcher, Webb, going up against the Mets' biggest loser in Zambrano. Of course, W/L records don't mean much, but Webb has been a much improved player this season, over the wild man we saw in 2004. We do probably need to win this one to take the series, since I don't want to rely on our hitters solving Pedro tomorrow.

Zambrano has walked at least three in every start so far this season (=4th in the NL, with 34), and has yet to pitch beyond six innings. His last start - six innings, three runs, one earned - was about his best of the season. Like Webb, he's another groundball pitcher, thanks to a nasty sinker, so expect both sets of infielders to be kept busy. But if we're patient, Zambrano will likely fall behind, and have to throw strikes in 2-0 or 2-1 counts; we can then make the most of those. Do that, and another victory should follow.