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Gameday Thread, #31: 5/7 vs. Pirates

Fogg (1-2, 5.24)
Ortiz (2-1, 5.08)

With the Dodgers currently getting spanked in Cincinnati, 7-3, tonight could be a chance for us to pull into a virtual tie for the NL West lead again. The bad news is, we have Russ Ortiz on the mound, making the outcome of this far from certain, and he's facing Josh Fogg, who is undefeated with a 1.93 ERA against Arizona. The good news is, Josh Fogg has been almost every bit as mediocre this season, and Ortiz, similarly, is also undefeated against the Pirates (7-0 with a 2.70 ERA).

Neither impressed at all last time out: Fogg allowed eight earned runs in just four innings, Ortiz seven in 3.2, though he did escape the loss, in a manner of which Houdini would have been proud. With both starter's ERA's the wrong side of five, this will likely come down to who sucks least. If it were ever possible for both pitchers to get the L, tonight would seem a prime candidate. Your comments, as always, are welcome...