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Gameday Thread, #29: 5/5 vs. Pirates

Williams (1-3, 4.76)
Estes (2-2, 3.38)

What a shame Brandon Webb isn't pitching tonight, because then it would be Sinker de Mayo. And moving rapidly on...

The Pirates come to town, and we need to send them off the plank at least three of the four times, since they're not playing very well, but did take two of three from the Astros. I'm optimistic, though, given our very good record at BOB, that we should be able to do it. Tonight, however, sees Shawn Estes on the mound for us. So far, he's been very serviceable, but there's a school of thought which says this can't possibly last.

Pittsburgh send up Dave Williams, who looks vaguely Chinese in his photo, but probably isn't. Despite being their fifth starter, he's been not bad so far, keeping hitters to a .238 average, yet still has a 1-3 record. He's a leftie, so maybe we'll see a slightly modified starting lineup from Bob Melvin, given the poor results against left-handers from the likes of Green (.121), Clayton (.167) and Tracy (.167).