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Gameday Thread, #52: 5/31 vs. Mets

Halsey (3-2, 3.34)
Benson (3-1, 3.86)

You know I said I'd talk about Drew's signing "later"? And you know how I was fairly vague about the specifics? Turns out there was a good reason for that. I spent so long gazing lovingly at stats for the Ortiz/Green piece, that I totally forgot today's game is on the East coast, so starts at 4pm our time. There go my plans for a leisurely afternoon.

Certainly had one yesterday; very quiet at work, so a bunch of us got sent home, oh, 8 1/2 hours before shift-end. [The good thing is, I still got eight hours holiday pay simply for coming in, plus time-and-a-half for what I did. As employers, Go Daddy are pretty cool.] Cue post-work outing to TGI Friday's for beer and loaded fries, as we watched the Suns stave off elimination, for now at least.

Hopefully the Diamondbacks can take some inspiration from this, and become the Road Warriors we saw on the last trip, rather than the Hapless Homesteaders who occupied BOB over the past week. At least we won't see Russ Ortiz this series: we start off with Halsey, who'll be making his return to the Big Apple and will be looking to come back from a shaky outing last time.

The Mets send up Kris Benson, but will probably be happiest to have Carlos Beltran back in the lineup, who has missed the past eight games with a strained quadricep. He's leading the regulars, hitting at a .300 clip, but is only on pace for 19 homers; that'd be half of last year's figure, and his lowest total since an injury-derailed 2000. For $11.5m, they're likely expecting better.

Should get to see a little of this game, but we're off to a lecture on mind control tonight. Cool. You can also saunter over to Amazin' Avenue for the Mets' take on the series.