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Gameday Thread, #27: 5/3 vs. Giants

Rueter (1-2, 5.96)
Halsey (2-0, 3.21)

Popping in to Go Daddy this afternoon, to do a few hours overtime; the email support queue has been running heavy since Friday, but at least they asked in advance this time. I don't mind doing extra hours if I get the chance to schedule the rest of my life - it's the "can you come in NOW?" phone-calls I dread. After that, off to watch The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; I have very fond memories of the radio series, book and TV show from my youth, so we'll see what Hollywood has done to it.

Hence, probably not going to get to watch much of the game, though if drags out as much as yesterday's 3:52 marathon, I'll probably catch most of it. Going by early-season form, we should easily have the edge in this one. Rueter has been smacked around, with an ERA almost at six, while Halsey continues to defy expectations, and roll out one quality start after another.

It's been nice to see our offense returning from its lengthy absence of leave: only once this season have we scored more than the eight runs we got last night, and that was all the way back in game #5. The dry, desert air seems to agree with us. Here's to more of the same tonight, and a slightly less woeful performance from our starting pitcher.