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Gameday Thread, #50: 5/28 vs. Dodgers

Thompson (0-0, 0.00)
Vazquez (5-3, 3.49)

Well, if ever there was a chance to break a streak, the Dodgers appear to be doing their best to help the Diamondbacks, offering up the major-league debut of a pitcher just promoted from their Jacksonville affiliate. And that, I want to point out, is their Double-A farm team, not Triple-A.

Apparently, he got the nod over other, better known (okay, at all known) pitchers like Edwin Jackson because, "the Diamondbacks' lineup is stacked with dangerous left-handed hitters to whom Thompson largely will be an unknown quantity." Er, you could say the same about me, actually, but I'm not expecting a call-up from Arizona anytime soon. Though they could probably use the bullpen help.

We, on the other hand, send up staff ace, Javier Vazquez, who has issued 0, zero, nada, zip walks this month. Even though Izturis, Ledee and Kent own Javy, with a combined 24-for-61, let's make no bones about it. We should absolutely rule this one. If, god forbid, we lose, that will be one of the signs of the apocalypse. As such, it would also confirm my belief about Britney Spears being the Whore of Babylon, but let's keep my unusual religious beliefs out of this, shall we? :-)