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Gameday Thread, #49: 5/27 vs. Dodgers

Lowe (4-4, 3.02)
Estes (4-3, 3.56)

Even though it's still only May, we've already won more games against the Dodgers than we did in all of 2004 - we went 3-16 then, and we're currently at 4-2. Both teams lost their latest series 2-1, the Dodgers going down in San Franciso, though they did welcome back Eric Gagne to their bullpen.

Tonight will give the D'backs a taste of what it must be like to face Brandon Webb, as they face the league's second biggest ground-ball pitcher. Lowe's sinker is what he's known for, but he has yet to pick up a road win in five attempts this season. He's also very easy to steal against - last season, it was almost a procession behind him, with a major-league high 34 stolen bases while he was on the mound, and only two were caught trying.

We send up Shaun Estes, who has been a better pitcher than many expected going in to this season. It's perhaps because he's allowed only 2.91 walks per nine innings, compared to a career figure of 4.67 - in his last five starts, covering 30.2 innings, he's walked just four, while fanning 22. Indeed, this could be quite the groundball duel: since April 10, Estes's GB/FB record is 31-10, actually more extreme than Lowe's 34-12.