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Gameday Thread, #48: 5/26 vs. Padres

Peavy (4-0, 2.29)
Webb (6-0, 3.32)

It's already the third time these pitchers have faced each other in 2005. So far, neither pitcher has received any decision - the games were decided in the bottom of the ninth and the 15th innings respectively. If their previous meeting at BOB is anything to go by, this one is more likely to be 2-1 than last night's 12-11: both allowed one run, Webb in eight innings, Peavy in seven. The Padres are 8-1 when Peavy starts; the D'backs 7-2 with Webb.

We may have the edge: our players hit .257 against Peavy (led by Gonzo at .458), while the Padres are only at .224 vs. Webb - Roberts is down at .136. But Peavy is not the kind of pitcher to take likely, and the chances of us matching last night's fifteen hits are slim. On the other hand, the Padres' bullpen invulnerability has been punctured, and four members (Otsuka, Linebrink, Seanez and Reyes) have already pitched on two consecutive days. Mind you, so have three of ours: Cormier, Lopez and Valverde. This one could come down to which starter lasts longer, and both men have had an extra day of rest.

After yesterday, I'm tempted to leave any scanning of pig entrails in the hands of Otacon, but I think Webb will have another quality outing, and hand a lead to the bullpen. They will promptly give it up, then see it handed back by the Padres relievers. 4-3 Diamondbacks. There. And I'm posting this early enough there's no doubt it's a prediction. ;-)