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Gameday Thread, #47: 5/25 vs. Padres

May (0-0, 4.24)
Halsey (3-2, 3.54)

Not a good night in downtown Phoenix yesterday, both the Suns and the Diamondbacks sucking like...well, in the interests of taste and decency, I'll let you insert your own simile. Certainly, the room for improvement at BOB is vast: if Halsey walks less than a Padre per innings, and Shawn Green leaves fewer than eight men on base, that'll be a start.

I'm fairly optimistic about this one - after Halsey beat the Rocket last start, there's no reason he should fear pitching against anyone, least of all a spot starter like Darrell May. May isn't an overpowering pitcher, but has a decent cut fastball and likes to get ahead of hitters with first-pitch strikes, so the D'backs might look to hit early in the count. He allowed a lot of home runs last year playing for Kansas (38, =2nd in the AL) - I guess Glaus will be looking forward to the game.

I should get to see a bit of it too, as this is our scheduled "slumping on the couch" night. While there are a few DVDs which I'm supposed to review, we might see how the game goes before getting into those. Comments should therefore follow, but I reserve the right to bail out for Trashmovieland if things look as ugly as last night seemed to be.