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Gameday Thread, #36: 5/12 vs. Rockies

Ortiz (2-2, 5.21)
Chacon (1-2, 3.25)

There's a scene in Leon (known as The Professional in America), where Gary Oldman's corrupt cop Stansfield has just seen Leon kick his squad's ass. "Bring me everyone," he tells his lieutenant. "What do you mean, everyone?" replies the henchman. "EVERYONE!" screams Stansfield. I imagine pretty much something similar happens with regard to pitching, when teams get ready for Colorado.

We've beefed up to 12 arms, though I'd have been happier with...well, seventeen might be about enough. This is a four-game set after all. The good news is, the Dodgers got drubbed 10-3 in St. Louis, meaning a win here would take us into a tie for first.

The bad news is, we're facing Shawn Chacon, who has all but owned us in his two starts against us so far: 12 innings, two earned runs. But at least he's right-handed. We send up Russ Ortiz, who was pretty dreadful against the Pirates last time out. The Rockies have been feeble away from home (2-15), but credible enough at Coors (7-7); I have a nasty feeling tomorrow morning may well still see us a game back of LA in the standings.

And a quick shout out to SportsBlogs ally, Purple Row, whom you should check out for the view from the home dugout at Coors.