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Gameday Thread, #35: 5/11 vs. Nationals

Vargas (0-0, 0.00)
Vazquez (4-2, 4.70)

Typical. Wednesdays are about the only chance I get a chance to watch Diamondbacks games any more [between working four nights a week, Comedy SlamFest on Thursday, and an upcoming mix of pro wrestling, gigs and lectures on Tuesday] - so what do they do? Not televise the game. I will be listening to this one on the radio.

I'm not actually sure who's pitching for the Nationals - the paper said Ohka, while ESPN goes with Vargas. Either way, we've got Vazquez on the mound, who has been the closest thing we've had to a sure bet - at least since that first couple of games. The more quality starts he piles up, the more I'm convinced that he was just lulling the opposition into a false sense of security.

Oh, and forgot to mention Jason Schmidt going on the DL for the Giants; that sizzling sound you hear is San Francisco's season, getting flipped on to the barbecue. At time of writing, they're 7-2 down to the Pirates in the bottom of the ninth, and "below .500" is waiting to greet them, if they do go down to their sixth loss in eight games. Can things get any worse by McCovey Cove?