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Gameday Thread, #25: 5/1 vs. Padres

Yazquez (2-2, 6.11)
Williams (2-1, 4.85)

Watching the game just now, and heard a jaw-dropping stat - the Padres pitching staff at Petco has a 1.77 ERA in ten home games. Obviously, having the likes of Peavy helps, but when Lawrence, a man with an ERA north of seven, can throw a two-hitter for eight innings, you have to wonder if the stadium is cursed.

The good news is, we have already pushed that ERA up, with the D'backs currently leading 2-0 in the second innings, as we try to break a streak of ten straight losses in San Diego. Vazquez will see if he can continue his run of strong starts - so far, so good there. As a flyball pitcher, he should do well in Petco, where it's proven notoriously difficult to hit one out of there.

If nothing else, this series has certainly shown how close the NL West is likely to be this year: we sweep LA, the Dodgers sweep the Padres, and the Padres have a chance to sweep up. Meanwhile, everyone beats up on the Rockies, and the Giants try to hang on to everyone's coat-tails until Bonds comes back. It could be a very interesting season, and one that goes down to the wire.

According to the Banana, Choate's new role is long relief, with Lopez having become the left-handed specialist [though he didn't do so well yesterday, facing two batters and allowing a hit and a walk to them]. He did have some experience in this role previously; back in 2002, pitching for the Yankees, he had a couple of long outings, including a five innings appearance. But I'd have thought Lance Cormier was a more credible candidate for that role, since he has been a starter for much of his career.

And with us still holding a 2-0 lead in the fourth, I'd better get this up before it becomes a look back at the game. ;-)