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Gameday Thread #5: 4/9 vs Dodgers

After last night's heartbreaking loss, today's game becomes almost a must-win scenario. And given the pitching matchups - our #1 vs. their #5 - it should also be a can't-lose scenario.

Except, it isn't Scott Erickson who allowed seven runs on ten hits and didn't escape the second innings. Indeed, he and Vazquez have something in common: Erickson is over 37...and so is Vazquez's ERA [at 37.80 - I leave early seasons stats, they're so wildly excessive!]

At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, this is a key start for Vazquez, who has a lot to prove after the fiasco of Opening Day. If he doesn't show he's got what it takes, it's going to be a long, hard season here in Arizona. At home, against a weak opposing starter, he's going to have few better chances to get a W under his belt, and wash the foul taste of his first appearance away.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on this one, since again I'll be at work. Today's key question: how will Vazquez pitch?