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Gameday Thread, #3: 4/6 vs. Cubs

The first full slate of games today, and should be an interesting one: Brandon Webb takes the mound for us, and for the first time we get to see what he does in a "real" game, with the newly revamped defence of Clayton and Counsell behind him. He should benefit most of all the pitchers, thanks to his brutal sinker: if the Cubs hitters get one out of the infield before the third innings, they'll be doing better than most.

The Cubs send up Ryan Dempster who, under normal circumstances would be their #5, and his career ERA of 4.99 isn't much to shout about. It'll be his first start in 20 months: he missed most of 2004 coming back from Tommy John surgery, and only pitched out of the bullpen.

At the moment, I'm on schedule to watch it: got up early enough this morning that we should get the decks cleared in plenty of time. Might even get to take something off the unwatched DVD pile before first pitch, since it's quiet here today. [But we had a $2,000 order yesterday, so I'll cope! :-)] I may scurry through between innings to post comments - please feel free to join me here.

And three games in, Mariano Rivera has already blown two saves. That's four straight against the Red Sox, including the ALCS last year. Oh, hold my aching sides...