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Gameday Thread, #24: 4/30 vs. Padres

Estes (2-1, 3.96)
Lawrence (1-3, 7.65)

Here's to Estes going eight strong innings, and saving our bullpen from further punishment - or, at least, what's left of it, since we pretty much used everyone we had last night. We'll see who's up for it today: I'm thinking Lopez, Koplove and perhaps Lyon might be available, though not more than an innings each.

The good news is, we definitely have the edge as far as starting pitching goes. Estes has been solid over the past three starts, not allowing more than three runs in each (including one in Colorado), while we teed off on Lawrence last time he faced us, taking him for six runs before he was unceremoniously yanked with only one out in the third innings.

Might see Luis Terrero in the lineup today. Melvin said, "We haven't faced too many lefties, but it's nice to keep him ready...With Cruz on the horizon, it's nice to keep him getting some action." Given McCracken's apparent miss of a sign, and subsequent botch of a squeeze play last night, sitting him down today would be fitting.