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Post-Gameday Thread: 4/2 vs. Texas

Well, well, well - what's this? After two games at BOB, the Diamondbacks left BOB and played the Texas Rangers. Who'd have thought it?

This game comes as more or less a complete surprise to me, since I didn't even realise it had taken place until 2:40 am, when I came home from work [and the post-work Saturday night drinking session] - guess who didn't get round to reading the paper this morning?

Good stuff: Estes allows two earned runs on six hits and a walk over five innings. Lyon adds another perfect innings. Glaus clubs his seventh homer and RBI's 31, 32 + 33. Bad stuff: Holsten allows three runs in 1/3 of an innings and takes the loss. I'd be slightly more upset if I knew who the hell Holsten was. We manage five hits in 33 at-bats. I have to redo my supposedly finished version of 'Heroes and Zeroes' tomorrow.

As expected, Villarreal was sent down to Tucson for what Melvin called, "not as much a demotion as it is getting him right." Can't say this is a surprise, or a bad move. With that final jigsaw puzzle piece in place, I will hopefully get my ass in gear and get the bullpen preview written tomorrow, but we may bail out and go watch Sin City at the movies instead, so that may be Monday, or... It's 3am in the morning, and I don't get paid for this. Whaddya expect? :-)