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Cheap-shot Blog Promotion, #238

Well, well... The San Diego Union-Tribune reports, "Anna Kournikova will throw out the ceremonial first pitch tomorrow night at Petco Park as part of a salute to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America." Rumours that there will be a Hershey's giveaway at the evening's game have yet to be confirmed.

Of course, the final part of the equation, Pamela Anderson, wouldn't be seen within a million miles of Petco, given PETA's ongoing beef with the compa...

Oh, hi, Chris - just updating my blog. No, those are pictures of Anna Kournikova. It's okay, they're baseball related. Why, I suppose that is a bikini. But it's purely because she's throwing out the first pitch tomorrow. No, pitch. But you're right, she probably won't be wearing a bikini then. It's simply ironic appropriation of a cultural icon. Yes, I suppose "sexist garbage" is another way you could validly put it. Please put down that large pair of nutcrackers - violence won't solv...