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Gameday Thread #22: 4/27 vs. Dodgers

Halsey (2-0, 2.74)
Weaver (2-1, 6.00)

This series has already gone better than expected. Taking two of three would have been very acceptable, but tonight Arizona has a chance to do what no Diamondbacks team has apparently ever done - sweep the Dodgers in LA. I was surprised to read that in the Republic, but who am I to argue otherwise?

Tonight, we face Jeff Weaver, who has perhaps been the most schizophrenic of pitchers in the major leagues this season. In his four starts, he has allowed either no runs or eight - nothing in the middle. Which Jeff Weaver will show up tonight? That may well have as big an effect on the outcome as anything else.

It's a battle of former Yankees, as we send up Brad Halsey, who got his first career win in Dodger Stadium last June 19, when he was wearing the Evil Empire's outfit. So far, Halsey has done everything we could have asked of him, and we can only hope he shows the same calm and steady apprach he has done so far.

So will we see a franchise first? Place your bets...