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Gameday Thread, #20: 4/25 vs. Dodgers

Vazquez (1-2, 7.65)
Lowe (1-1, 1.27)

And so we head off to face the Dodgers and, hey, we could leave La-La town with the NL West lead. Okay, that would require us to sweep the Dodgers on the road - but at the start of the season who'd have thought it was even possible for us to say this, before our twentieth game?

The key question is whether or not we can overcome our several shaky road form so far, where we've only won two of seven games. It should be another good pitching match-up, with Javier Vazquez, who finally found the skills befitting someone traded for the Big Unit, facing Derek Lowe and his 1.27 ERA.

The Dodgers have cooled off slightly from their incandescent start, losing two of three to the Rockies in Coors Field, but this still promises to be a stiff test. Are we genuine contenders? Or merely pretenders who would be king? The next three games should go a long to proving this, one way or another.