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Gameday Thread, #19: 4/24 vs. Padres

Lawrence (1-2, 5.60)
Estes (1-1, 4.00)

Funnily enough, I think sporting attention in Phoenix today will largely be directed a little to one side of Bank One Ballpark, with the Suns starting what is perhaps their most promising playoff run in a very long time. However, a large chunk of me hopes they meet a swift demise.

This is purely for selfish reasons, since I don't want to have to plough through eight pages of basketball, before I find the Diamondbacks news buried on page D15 - see yesterday's sports section in the Banana. for an example. We've already lost one D'backs game because the TV station involved opted to swap to cover a playoff game. No more, please. At least not until the actual finals!

Meanwhile we go for another home sweep this afternoon, and we'll see if some of the pitching magic from the past couple of days can rub off on Shawn Estes. He's up against right-hander Brian Lawrence, who has not exactly sprinted away from spring training, but did get the win last time out, throwing eight innings against the Giants.

Estes has a 12-4 record against the Padres with a 3.63 ERA - that's more wins than any other team. However, there's only so many games you can win by scoring three runs, and I think our luck will perhaps run out this afternoon. Me, I'm off to see Kung Fu Hustle, and then head to work. Enjoy the game. And 'Go Suns'. :-)