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GameDay Thread #18: 4/23, vs Padres

Peavy (2-0, 1.31)
Webb (3-0, 3.26)

Today sees a mouthwatering pitching match-up, pitting two of the best young guns in the National League against each other: Jake Peavy and Brandon Webb. Both have started the season well, and have yet to be defeated, so it doesn't look like this will be a high-scoring game.

In their wisdom, the powers-that-be have decided not to televise this one - remember this when they show a Thursday afternoon game against Milwaukee later in the season. It won't affect me since I'm at work (where the atmosphere was positively morgue-like yesterday, for reasons I don't want to get into here), but this would have been one for the Tivo.

Er, that is, if I actually had one of those. For someone with a degree in computing science, I'm a late adopter of technology. I didn't own my first PC until 2001, and can still be heard occasionally muttering that this DVD thing will never catch on [meanwhile, we're waiting for Robert to move out so we can turn his room into DVD storage]. Perhaps that's why I like baseball, rather than these new-fangled sports like basketball!

So, Peavy vs. Webb. Discuss. :-)