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Gameday Thread, #13: 4/18 vs. Rockies

Webb (1-0, 2.70 ERA)
Chacon (0-0, 1.50 ERA)

"You're starting at Coors." Four words that have struck fear into the heart of many a hurler over the years. But perhaps less so into Brandon Webb, whose sinkerball is perhaps about as close to well-suited to pitching in the mile high city as anyone can be.

This becomes an important game, as we need to break our first significant losing streak of the year. For any team coming off a 111-loss season, psyches will be fragile, especially early in the season, even if the majority were not involved in the disaster in question. So we need to remind ourselves that this Rockies team is one we swept last week at BOB, and has easily the worst record in the NL at 2-9.

Of course, this is Coors Field, and our already thin bullpen is going to need to do a damn sight better than it did in RFK stadium. Mind you, so will the Rockies' relievers, including our old favourite, Kim, who gave up a grand slam to the Giants yesterday. If you hear a shellshocked whimper coming from the Colorado bullpen today, you'll know who it is.

Today sees a rematch of the 4-2 game last Tuesday, where Webb went up against Shawn Chacon - Webb got the better of it, allowing two runs over eight innings for the win, while Chacon left with a no-decision after giving up one run in six. If the two combine for three runs again today, it'll be a major miracle, but I think we have a better starter, and our bullpen is no more awful than the Rockies. I predict we'll come out ahead - probably by the odd run in thirty-one.

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