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Gameday Thread #11+12: 4/16+17 vs. Nationals.

Ortiz, Halsey
Patterson, Loaiza

The awkwardness of an East Coast schedule means you get two gameday threads for the price of one. By the time today's game starts, I'll be at work, and when I come home from there at 1:30 am, I won't be writing much. And then, Sunday's game, with a 10:30 am start, AZ time, will likely be under way before I'm properly up, so here you go - double your pleasure.

Reports on both will follow Monday-ish. Though given Monday = 3 days of order processing + 10 hours at Go Daddy, as previously warned, they're not the best days for writing detailed game analyses. Oh, well, as my father once told me, "Ye can sleep when yer deid". [Say it in a Scottish accent, it'll help] But hey, today is actually my birthday (thirty-fmnllkdjhyth to be exact), so cut me some slack, willya. My wife got me an XM Satellite Radio, so I'm now all set to listen to every baseball game possible while at work...just as soon as the damn thing charges. ;-)

Today's game promises to be particularly interesting, as we go up against former D'backs prospect John Patterson, who sucked in his time here, but word on the street is that he's got better since. We shall see; I hope this isn't the case, and think we should have the edge. Tomorrow, Halsey vs. Loaiza, and we'll get to find out how our striking debutant copes in his sophomore outing.

Comments, as know what to do, and where to stick them!