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Schilling be Illing

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It's sad how many of the 2001 World Series team have blotted their copybooks with the fans since, one way or another. Williams, Durazo, Johnson, Bell: their departures all left fans with more or less bitter tastes in their mouths.

And now, that slamming sound you hear is the last of my respect for Curt Schilling departing. According to the Boston Globe, as reported in the Banana, Schilling called Boston's ring "the A ring," then looked at Arizona's ring and called it "the B ring."

Boy, does that peeve me. If it's true, in Schilling's case, I think we now know what the "A" stands for... Perhaps he was just remembering who was the true hero of that World Series, going 3-0, and bailing him out as a reliever in gane seven. The one worn by the Big Unit: that's the 2001 "A-ring".

Given this, it was a delight and a joy to watch the Red Sox and the Yankees tonight, and see New York tee off on Schilling, especially in the sixth innings. Five earned runs in 5 2/3 innings; there's an evil part of me saying, "May your career in Boston crash and burn, Curt". Mind you, it was a genuinely strange feeling to be rooting for the Yankees though, and I don't think I'll make a habit out of it. I could feel the IQ points slipping away with every pitch... :-)