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Gameday Thread #9: 4/13 vs. Rockies

Jeff Francis (0-0, 13.50 ERA)
Shawn Estes (0-0, 6.00 ERA)

There's a tradition in baseball that you're not supposed to mention a no-hitter while it's in progress. In a similar vein, I'm not going to mention what might happen this afternoon, except to say it's something we didn't do all last season - you've got to go back to Aug 5-7, 2003 to find one, in fact.

It's a day game today, and has the distinct possibility of setting another low in attendance; the previous two games have been the worst in D'backs history. Toyed with the idea of going, but my wife had to take our daughter to the doctors this morning, so I think that one has been knocked on the head [Helped said daughter set up her site last cute. It's all purple 'n' girly, though a spell checker might help... ;-)]

We go with Estes, the Rockies with Francis - neither got the decision in their first start, and neither pitched well, though Estes (6 IP, 4 ER) seems to have the edge over Francis (4 IP, 6 ER). Cruz will likely be replaced by Terrero, but Clayton's 3-hit game has probably earned him a reprieve. More fool us.

Unfortunately, the frickin' game is not on television, so even though it's quiet round here today, and I don't have to work, I won't get a chance to see it. See today's post about the perils of commenting based on radio baseball, but feel free to log any thoughts below. Though I wouldn't be surprised if we have a record low attendance here too!