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Encounter with a superstar

An email from a female friend:

"So yesterday I went on my lunch break to Chipotle in Scottsdale, and while I was sitting on a barstool this guys walks over to me and says "Excuse me, I don't want to affend you but, um, well if it were me I would want someone to say something". I'm thinking in my head, "Great, what the hell is this guy about to say?", and he turns to me and says, "There's a pretty big hole in the back of your pants"

Apparently when I sat down on the barstool, my 5 year old Levis decided to bust at the seams, and leave my ASS hanging out in front of the lunch rush crowd at Chipotle. This was no small tear, as it had ripped along the entire pocket, and I wasn't exactly wearing very concealing underwear either, so I was pretty much screwed... Well this extremely nice guy told me I could move over to his booth until I found a solution. I kindly asked him if he would walk out to my car (which was in plain view) and grab the sweater sitting on my passenger seat so I could tie it around my waist before I got a ticket for Indecent Exposure in a public place. Thank god I don't embarrass very easily, cuz this situation could've been really terrible.

After he was so kind to oblige in getting my sweater and my ass was covered up again, we decided to continue our lunch and chat while we ate... As we continued talking it finally dawned on me who I was having lunch with and who had just been the one to tell me I was flashing my ass to the world: this awesome guy was none other than NOMAR GARCIAPARRA, the starting shortstop for the Chicago Cubs!!!! Isn't it my luck that the freakin' superstar player happened to come into Chipotle that day, and happened to see my ass, and come over and talk to me??? I have to say though, despite the possibly humiliating situation, he was such a super nice guy, and was totally willing to help me out, and I gotta give him props 'cuz I don't know many people who would do what he did. NOMAR rocks!"