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Bee-lieve it or not...

I couldn't make this up, so I'm just going to post the story...

Oliver says bees attracted to his hair gel. A swarm of bees invaded the field on Thursday and forced a game between the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks to be called after five innings. The bees literally chased Rockies pitcher Darren Oliver from the mound. He kept trying to go back on the mound, but the bees would go after him again. Finally, he left for good and let another pitcher complete the inning.

"I love this game," Oliver said, "but I like myself a little bit more." Oliver said the bees apparently were attracted to the coconut oil in his hair gel. "It was kind of funny at first, but after awhile I started getting a little nervous and scared out there," he said.

The Diamondbacks took the field in the sixth, but by then the bees had spread out all over the field, and play was not resumed. Arizona beat the Rockies 3-1 in five innings. Joe Garagiola Sr., attending the game with his son, Diamondbacks general manager Joe Garagiola Jr., said he had never seen anything like it. "And I go back to 1942," the elder Garagiola said.
Hands up if you had to check the calendar and make sure it wasn't a week from tomorrow. But apparently, it's not. Please feel free to post obvious jokes in the comments section. :-)