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It Has All Fallen Apart...

Not the Diamondbacks, no sirree - not yet, anyway. Just my office chair. The screw holding the back to the seat dropped out, and upon examination, is bent at about a 20 degree angle, and will not be going back in again. So this entry is being brought to you from what remains of my seat, which is probably better for my posture but worse for my writing, since I can't slump back and wait for the creative urge to strike.

That may explain why this entry is kinda ass-backwards. The main reason I'm writing it is, I don't want a piece on the star player for another team to be at the top of what is supposed to be a Diamondbacks blog. But I've already written some notes on today's game (see the gameday thread below the one about B*nds), so pending tomorrow's full writeup, and another edition of Heroes and Zeroes, I guess I have to write about yesterday's game, even though it's now hardly breaking news.

We played the Angels to an amicable 6-6 ties at Tempe Diablo, with Troy Glaus continuing his good spring form, going 3-for-4 against his former teammates. Jose Cruz had two RBIs, while Counsell, Cintron and Snyder had a couple of hits each. Green, Terrero and Clark all went 0-for-4 though. Quentin and Jackson both made fielding errors.

Webb had little problems to start with, retiring the first 12 Angels he faced, then gave up a homer in the fifth, then three more runs in the sixth, including an RBI single to Steve Finley. He ended up with a line of six hits, three walks and four runs in six innings. Aquino continued to be unimpressive - three hits and a walk, retiring only two - but Koplove and Lyon retired the last seven hitters they faced.

"Before he gets into the batting cage to fine tune his swing, Diamondbacks first baseman Tony Clark checks to make sure his bat has just the right sound." -- Tony Clark? Hitting .233 this spring? Last seen hitting better than that during the regular season in 2001? With just 12 less K's than hits in his decade-long career? Methinks he is listening for the wrong sound: I can only presume he's seeking a particularly melodious "swish" as he swings wildly at strike three... :-)