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Gameday Thread: 3/19 vs. Seattle

Five more pitchers bite the dust: Edgar Gonzalez [who lasted only one round longer then the other E.Gonzalez - from a confusion point of view, glad that one is now in William K's domain, over at Baby Backs: The Next Generation!], Bill Murphy, Adam Peterson, Jason Bulger and Tony Pena.

Shawn Estes produced another lacklustre performance yesterday, allowing six hits, three walks (one walking in a run) and four runs in five innings, though he did get Todd Helton looking with the bases loaded. Koplove had a perfect frame, but there was almost zero on the batting front, with just five hits, nothing more than a double. Glaus made another error at third, making five already: I'm wondering if we're going to end up looking back with nostalgia at the Golden Glove-like era of Chad Tracy at 3B.

Today, we face Seattle in Peoria, a homecoming of sorts for manager Bob Melvin. Brad Halsey gets the start; his first one wasn't so hot, and if he slips up again, it could spell the end for his chances. I'd currently put the pecking order for the #5 rotation spot as Halsey, Gosling, Villarreal, but between Halsey's start and Villarreal's one tomorrow, this could all change. Greg Aquino, Brandon Lyon and Kevin Tolar are slated to follow.