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Today's Diamondback rumo(u)rs

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  • The Boston Herald reports we've been talking to David Wells. That'd give Russ Ortiz some competition at the buffet table... However, that whole thing where he signed for the Evil Empire after agreeing to play for us, probably still rankles.

  • The Newark Star-Ledger says - with some disbelief - that we're shopping Gonzo around. No apparent sign that anyone is actually interested, however...

  • Both Arizona and Detroit firmly denied a report from ESPN's Peter Gammons that they were involved in talks regarding Javy Vazquez. "Totally not accurate," according to the Tigers president.

  • According to GM Josh Byrnes, the Anaheim-Boston-AZ trade has been discussed, but has been enhanced in the media because of the "juiciness of the players involved".

  • The loss of Burnett to the Blue Jays [yes!] has pushed the Cardinals back into the Vazquez running. However, on that front Byrnes says, the offer "that is so good to make us say yes hasn't yet arrived."

Elsewhere, Baseball America has released its Top 10 Diamondback Prospects. They are as follows:

  1. Stephen Drew, ss
  2. Conor Jackson, 1b
  3. Carlos Quentin, of
  4. Carlos Gonzales, of
  5. Dustin Nippert, rhp
  6. Miguel Montero, c
  7. Garrett Mock, rhp
  8. Matt Torra, rhp
  9. Micah Owings, rhp
  10. Sergio Santos, ss

Full scouting reports are available to subscribers only - posting them in a public forum such as this would, of course, be wrong... :-) However, the link at top also contains a sobering note, in that it lists BA's previous eight #1 choices. None of these have made a significant contribution to the Diamondbacks at the major-league level...