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A tentacle breaks the surface...

A bunch of Boston papers, including the Globe, are reporting that the Red Sox are working on a three-way trade with Anaheim and Arizona. The scenario being discussed has Manny Ramirez going to Anaheim, the Angels send prospects to AZ, and "a package of players" including Troy Glaus go to Boston.

This is a promising-sounding trade, but I'm reluctant to give it the thumbs-up without knowing exactly what's going where. Getting out from under Glaus's salary would be useful, and it would also help relieve the logjam at the corners, without having to trade the likes of Jackson or Tracy. I'd particularly like to see some pitching potential coming this way, as that's an area in which we are deficient.

However, it's also widely-believed that the Mets are desperate to get Ramirez too - part of their apparent cunning plan to acquire every player in baseball, pre-empting the Evil Empire across town from doing the same thing - so this does not yet seem like it's a done deal. But compared to the other "news" regarding the Diamondbacks in the past couple of weeks, it seems comparatively solid.