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The Troy-jan Wars: Boston vs. Toronto

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To summarise what appears to be the current state of play (and thanks to Otacon for digging up these), suitors for Troy Glaus now seem to be mainly two: the Boston Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm inclined to lean towards the former, simply because Peter Gammons is reporting it's Toronto, and his track record this off-season has been totally woeful.

Also, the deal as reported from Toronto (see the comments on yesterday's article for more info) - Miguel Batista, Orlando Hudson, and RHP Brandon League - doesn't seem to make much sense for Arizona. Batista is now the closer for the Blue Jays, not currently an area of concern for us; maybe they'd convert him back to a starter, John Smoltz-style? And 2005 Gold Glover Hudson hasn't played a single-game anywhere apart from second base, which last time I looked, was solidly occupied by Craig Counsell. Not that I'd mind having him though - .271 with 10 HR last year is pretty good for the position - but it might cause problems a couple of years down the road when we need to shift Drew to second to make room for Upton. That, however, is likely thinking too far ahead!

In addition, the Toronto Star says, "Glaus not in Jays plans" and quotes manager JP Ricciardi as saying, "We had interest in him at one time, but nothing's going to happen with that now...It's not going to happen with us." Which in the tentative world of baseball negotiations, is as firm a denial as the one given by Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) in Sexy Beast: "No. No no no no no no no no no! No! No no no no no no no no no no no no no! No!" [And that's about the film's only printable line of dialogue, in a family-friendly blog like this. Sexy Beast, great movie - Kingsley deserved his Oscar-nom - but don't let any maiden aunts hear the dialogue, or their heads will explode]

And don't forget, Glaus would have to approve a trade to Toronto too. The most recent reports from FoxSports point this out, as well as suggesting Canada's higher tax rates may also lead to an extra inducement for Glaus being required. Rosenthal also mentions that the Blue Jays have a "surplus of corner infielders" - sound familiar? - including former D'backs Shea Hillenbrand and Lyle Overbay, though the former's future seems in doubt if Glaus arrives. And he reminds us that Glaus's contract includes $250K per year to help finance his wife's career as an equestrian rider. Think about that the next time you raise a $9 beer at Chase Field...

On the Red Sox front, there seems some doubt as well: according to the Boston Globe, "two industry sources said the Sox were an unlikely match for Glaus unless the price came way down." However, the Boston Herald was more optimistic, pointing out that the money they were going to pay Johnny Damon is now freed up for another acquisition. Certainly, they could handle the $32.5m left on Glaus's contract without difficulty, though it looks like he would be moved to first-base, and this would do nothing to address Boston's more pressing needs, for a CF, SS and leadoff hitter. A starting pitcher - Matt Clement or Bronson Arroyo are the most often-mentioned names - would come back from Boston.

The Baltimore Orioles, and another, un-named NL team are also still said to be in the running, but the lack of buzz surrounding them currently makes them feel like outsiders - Glaus for Bedard has been mentioned in a couple of places. The Tribune also points out that, if Glaus goes, we'll only have four players under contract for 2007: Webb, Ortiz, Clark and Green, with an projected outfield of Quentin, Young and Green.

What's the word from my fellow bloggers? Bluebird Banter has nothing on the trade at all yet; nor does Jays Nest. And that appears to be about it for active Blue Jays blogs (on a cursory five minutes from Google, anyway!); it's nice to find a team that's even more ignored than the Diamondbacks in this area! No such issues with the Red Sox, of course, but even Over the Monster doesn't mention the deal in their entry for today. Nor does Fire Brand of the AL. If this trade is happening, it doesn't seem to be causing much interest outside of Arizona.

Interesting piece on Luis Gonzalez in the Banana today. Best quote from Gonzo: "I've got fans yelling at me on the street, asking me what we're going to do. I'm like, 'Sorry, folks, I'm not the general manager. I'm not Curt Schilling. I don't know.' " Ooh. Snarky. It is, of course, typically Luis-friendly: "He is 38 years old and coming off a season that made him the subject of trade rumors, as if his contract were suddenly a liability. He is angry and motivated and unabashedly desires to play five more years."

Unfortunately, I doubt that'll be with the D'backs, though Gonzalez is certainly fired-up. "Look, I'll be the first one to tell you I suck, and last year, I had a bad year. The second half was horrible, and I know I have a lot to prove. But this will be my first healthy year in two years. Physically, I feel great. I'm ready to go." However, until these fighting words become significant deeds, that $10m 2007 option will not be one Moorad will want to exercise.