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Lofton in, Green out?

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We made our pitch to Kenny Lofton, offering him a one-year deal to play CF. He'd probably end up platooned with Terrero, Lofton facing righties, Terrero the left-handed pitching. The article also mentions that, after the Vazquez trade (which is still not official), we'd be at our limit on the 40-man roster. However, looking at the list, I see wiggle-room in the shape of Mike Schultz, Doug Slaten and Koyie Hill. And Russ Ortiz, who'd almost certainly pass waivers... Hey, we can dream, can't we?

Over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, they've been speculating on the possibilities of trading Corey Patterson to Arizona - or whoever doesn't get Kenny Lofton, anyway. The suggestion of Gonzo returning to Chicago has been made, but the problem (even discounting his watertight no-trade clause) is, the Cubs really need a right-fielder, and we saw that Gonzo's arm was barely adequate in left-field last year.

On, James Renwick says, "Just so everyone understands, Green is going to be dealt, probably to the Chicago Cubs, in the next couple of days." If so, this is very intriguing news: Green's no-trade clause is almost as watertight as Gonzalez's, allowing him only to be dealt to the Angels, Giants or Padres without his written consent. Given the offer to Lofton, it would seem unlikely this trade was for Patterson. A more likely scenario involves a starting pitcher - Matt Clement's name has been mentioned before.

Going by the BCB reaction, this might well get done, but that no-trade clause is there for a reason, widely believed to be Shawn Green's wife. Whether she can be convinced to depart warm Southern climes for the Windy City seems to be the deciding factor here: my instinct is, that is probably unlikely.