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Rumors, and rumors of rumors

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Sigh. The Banana reports Jeff Moorad met with Royce Clayton's agent to offer him a one-year deal. The figure quoted - though without apparent justification - is $1.5m, slightly up on this year. I don't know whether to be relieved or irritated: relieved it's not a longer deal (Stephen Drew still looks likely to be our starting shortstop in 2006), or irritated it happened at all. That's a million bucks we could have put to better use, given we have Andy Green, for example, who would likely be as good as Clayton, both at the plate and with the glove.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald alleges we are "among the teams expected to pursue first baseman Paul Konerko." Yeah, because we're so desperately short (Clark) of players (Jackson) who can handle (Tracy) that position. News alert: the 2005 Diamondbacks ranked 10th for payroll among the 16 NL teams. The only justification for this report appears to be that Konerko is a local boy. Ain't gonna happen. We wouldn't sign him if he offered to play for free.

Baseball America whispers (print version only), "The Diamondbacks, frustrated with third baseman Troy Glaus' work habits, will shop him this winter, only a year after they signed him." How much truth thers is in this, is anyone's guess. If that happened, I presume Tracy would head back across to 3B, leaving RF perhaps open for Quentin. That'd be good. However, we'd still then presumably be stuck with a declining Gonzo in left.

That would depend on what we got for Glaus, however. I'm not sure this counts as a reliable source, but hints, "Early speculation has the Phillies eventually offering [left fielder Pat] Burrell and third baseman David Bell to Arizona for a package that includes star third baseman Troy Glaus." Hmm..."package that includes". Those are words that scare me, since they cause nightmares involving Jackson and Quentin. But if it's Luis Gonzalez, not a problem. Have asked the Phillies Sportsblog, The Good Phight for their comments, we'll see what the reaction is.