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Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #24: Merrill vs. the World

Safe to say, more attention on the WBC final tonight, I suspect

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Will Diamondbacks or Giants Win More Games?

The race will be close.

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Snake Bytes 3/21: Oh Henry! Where Art Thou?

And then there were two

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D-Backs 7, White Sox 3: A Thorough Dismantling

TL;DR: The regulars provided the offense and the youngsters shut down the White Sox for a solid overall performance.

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The Latest

Who’s Who on the SnakePit

Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

SnakePit Users' Guide

Meme Monday 3/20: The Latest Variety

Diamondbacks, WBC, Spring Training all in 1 place

Snake Bytes 3/20: Making Moves

Tommy Henry’s stock is up. Others...not so much.

SnakePit Round Table: No saving daylight here

Who gets the bullpen spots?

Diamondbacks 13, Royals 2: Regicide

Stop, stop! They’re already dead!

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #23: vs. Royals

Bit of a bloody Sunday, as no less than 11 players get cut

Diamondbacks 6, Guardians 4: Walker’s back!

Cross Christian off the "stock down" list after today...

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #23: vs. Guardians

Who has done well, or not so well, of late for the D-backs?

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

SBNation Reacts: Do you watch the WBC?

I have watched much more than I wanted.

Snake Bytes 3/18: Things are Starting to Heat Up

Arizona’s pitching competition heats up and so does WBC’s level of excitement.

D-backs 4, Rockies 2: Arizona applies a Full Nelson

Blame Ben for this headline. :)

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #22: @ Rockies

A road-game at home for the D-backs...

Corbin Carroll Contract Conclusions

Now the dust has settled, what do we think?

Diamondbacks 3, Cubs 1: Double-headed starters

Madison Bumgarner and Brandon Pfaadt both pitched today.

Diamondbacks reporting from WBC: day 7 and 8

Group phase: DONE.

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #21: @ Cubs

Let’s just try and get through this without any fatalities, shall we?

Diamondbacks bullpen: Now hiring

Suddenly, there are vacancies for D-backs’ relievers

Snake Bytes 3/16: Two Weeks

Diamondbacks suffer costly rain-out

They really shouldn't have bothered, in hindsight

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #20: Team USA vs. Colombia

And maybe Brandon Pfaadt vs. the Brewers. Or maybe not.

“Et tu, Diamondbacks?” - Bally Sports file for bankruptcy protection

The end seems nigh for the streaming company.

Diamondbacks reporting from WBC: day 6 and 7

Only Emmanuel Rivera (Puerto Rico) and Alek Thomas (Mexico) making notable appearances.

Diamondbacks 6, Giants 7: In like a lion, out like a lamb

There were still positives for Tommy Henry

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #19: vs. Giants

Plus two WBC games, though Team USA has an off-day

Four Infielders Who Defended the Outfield

Their infield defense was impacted.

Snake Bytes 3/14: Are we tired of Carroll Talk yet?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

SnakePit Round Table: King Carroll

Spring training battles, the Carroll extension and alcohol are among the topics this week

Diamondbacks 11, Rangers 8: Rule Britannia!

Oh, yeah: the D-backs also won. :)

Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #18: @ Rangers

And it’s also off to Chase Field for us!

Snake Bytes 3/12: Early Christmas for Carroll

Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 9: Anyone Have Some Pitching?

At least the bats showed up.