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Bruteside Chats: I Can Has Offense? 

It feels weird to be able to speak of good things again

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Snake Bytes: 5/24 - Our Zach is better than your Zack

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Diamondbacks 9, Royals 5: Zacs Attacked

Our Zach is... marginally less sucky than their Zack?

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Game #44: 5/23, Diamondbacks 9, Royals 5

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2022 Diamondbacks Games

SnakePit Users' Guide

Series Preview #14: Diamondbacks vs. Royals

Zach Greinke and the Royals come to Chase Field for a quick, two game series to start the week.

Meme Monday 5/23:

Snake Bytes: 05/23 - Lebt denn der alte Holzmichl noch?

Jaaaa, er lebt noch!

Diamondbacks Minor Leagues Recap 05/22/22: NFL in Visalia.

Only the Aces got a good performance from their starting pitcher so it was the only D-Backs Minor League affiliate that could get a win.

SnakePit Round Table: Win some, lose some

It was the worst of weeks, it was - at least until IPK came in today - the best of weeks. It was... a week. And Torey Lovullo is not fired.

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Diamondbacks 4, Cubs 5: Four-Game Sweeps are Hard

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

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Visalia Rawhide - Culture or Talent?

PYW’s 2022: Week 7

The Diamondbacks are doing well. What gives??

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Game #43: 5/22, Diamondbacks 3, Cubs 4

Snake Bytes: 5/22 Soggy extra innings win in Chicago

Diamondbacks Minor Leagues Recap 05/21/22: Lawlar likes em raw.

The Hops were blown away by a bad outing from their starter Kenny Hernandez, but all other minor league teams were able to put up good fights. The Aces and Visalia achieved a victory, but the Sod Poodles unfortunately went down once again.

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MadBum’s Mad Rush to Get Traded from the Desert

MadBum’s Mad Rush to Get Traded from the Desert

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Game #42: 5/21, Diamondbacks 7, Cubs 6

Snake Bytes: 5/21 - Home Run Hijinks in the Windy City

The Diamondbacks and Cubs combined for 11 home runs Friday afternoon in AZ’s big win.

Diamondbacks Minor League Recap 5/20/2022

Jake McCarthy and Stone Garrett are crushing the ball for Reno

A look at the batted ball data of the best two performers on Reno’s current roster.

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Game #41: 5/20, Diamondbacks 10, Cubs 6

Snake Bytes: 05/20 - Winning at Wrigley

Thanks to Varsho and some good pitching the Snakes took Wrigley with a big Win to break the losing streak.

Diamondbacks Minor League Recap 5/19/2022

This stream has:

Game #40: 5/19, Diamondbacks 3 @ Cubs 1

Series Preview #13: Diamondbacks at Cubs

The Ivy is out in Wrigley Field and the D-backs hope to right ship in the "friendly confines".

Snake Bytes 5/19: Swept in L.A.

D-backs drop their 6th game in a row and are now 3 games below .500

Your Random D-Back: Neil Weber

Stay humble. Be grateful for every chance you get.

Diamondbacks Minor League Recap 5/18/2022

Christian Walker is primed to have the best season of his career in 2022

Strong batted ball data, improved plate discipline, and elite defense has the former waiver pickup primed to be a key contributor for the Diamondbacks

This stream has:

Game #39: 5/18, Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 5

Brute Squad BBQ Episode 3: Smoked Meatloaf

Thicc and juicy, just like you like it

Snake Bytes: 2/18 - Double Whammy

The Diamondbacks lost both games of their season’s first double-header to the Dodgers on Tuesday. It was not a pretty sight.

Diamondbacks Minor League Recap 5/17/2022