Towards 2014

Discussing the changes as the D-backs build their roster towards the 2014 campaign.

2014 Diamondbacks Expectations: A.J. Pollock


A lot of people slept on Pollock and that’s partly why his performance was so surprising but this year it’s going to be a lot different for him.

More questions than answers, part 2


Yesterday, we looked at the position player side. Today, let's look at the questions concerning the pitching staff - including a couple which have arisen since our players first reported to Salt...

2014 Diamondbacks Expectations: Cliff Pennington


It's not often a utility backup is more certain of his roster spot than the starter. But welcome to the weird world inhabited by Cliff Pennington.

More questions than answers, part 1


When pitchers and catches reported, most of the D-backs roster looked fairly well-settled, with just a couple of spots to be decided. With the first game 10 days away, are we only closer to...

D-backs officially sign Perez on 2-year deal


The Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed to terms with left-handed pitcher Oliver Perez on a 2-year contract, according to D-backs Executive Vice President and General Manager Kevin Towers.


The Perez Signing in Light of the Kennedy Trade

I was away from my computer most of the weekend and I came back to read the Oliver Perez thread. Man, am I disappointed in reading a lot of those comments.

Trends: Spring Training Edition


We're about half way through spring training - well, the pre-Australia chunk, anyway - so let's take a look and see who has come sprinting out of the blocks, and who's still lacing up their shoes.


2014 Diamondbacks: ZIPS Total Team Projection

Whenever Fangraphs comes out with their ZiPS projections, I believe it's a good baseline for player production, but how does it translate to overall team projection?

Diamondbacks Offseason: Maybe?


Was the offseason of the Arizona Diamondbacks good or bad? The answer, in my mind: it might have been good, but it could also have been pretty bad. I mean... yeah, I dunno.

The domino effect of signing Bronson Arroyo


Signing Bronson Arroyo means Randall Delgado gets moved out of the rotation. But, hang on - turns out, it's not quite as simple as that. Delgado is far from the only player likely affected by the...

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