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SnakeBytes, 1/28: Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher Edition


Very Diamondbacks news [FoxSportsArizona] D-backs add to pitching depth with Galarraga, Owings - Jack Magruder writes about the latest additions to the team's arms cache. [AZCentral] Micah...

D-backs Acquire Armando Galarraga From Tigers For Two Prospects


The Diamondbacks acquired Armando Galarraga from the Tigers today for two prospects. We look at the trade, and what it means for the 2011 team.

SnakePit Round Table: The Diamondbacks Left-Field


Left-field has been an ongoing problem for Arizona over the past few years. Will 2011 be any better?

SnakePit Round Table: Short-stop for the Diamondbacks


2011 will see Drew our regular short-stop for the fifth season. We discuss what this means, and the chances of him staying in Arizona after he hits free-agency.

AZ SnakePit Round Table: Open Thread


I don't know what I was thinking, but in a moment of Christmas-induced madness (or, at least Christmas special of Dr. Who-induced madness), I freed the writers and editors from the dungeons in...

AZ SnakePit Round Table: Diamondbacks Starting Pitching


The Diamondbacks rotation will be revamped for 2011, with Ian Kennedy the sole survivor from Opening Day 2010. We look at how last year went, and what to expect in 2011.

X(avier) Marks the Spot: The Diamondbacks' Plans for Nady


Xavier Nady and GM Kevin Towers spoke to the media today about the recent signing of the outfielder, and what this means for the team. What did they have to say?

SnakeBytes, 12/17: The Fog of War Edition


[2011 All-Star Game secondary logo, courtesy of MLB] Visibility outside SnakePit Towers is significantly reduced today, as for the first time I can recall, there's serious, long-lasting fog in...

Xavier Nady signed by the Diamondbacks


Outfielder Xavier Nady has signed with the Diamondbacks. We look at the impact of the move.

SnakePit Round Table: The Diamondbacks At The Winter Meetings


The four days of the winter meeting certainly provided a lot to talk about for Arizona fans. And that's just what our round-table this time does...

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