Diamondbacks Previews

Preview: How low can we go?

Well, that didn't go too well, did it? At least today's game isn't on television, so we'll be spared that.

Preview: 10% in, who's our MVP?

So who has been our most valuable player so far? You might be surprised.

Preview: Not your 2014 Arizona Comebacks so far

Hey, we're playing another team below .500! Hopefully, this series will go better. It can't really go any worse...

Preview: As the thin veneer of optimism fades...

And so, we turn to Trevor Cahill to act as the stopper and avoid being swept at home, once again, by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yeah. About that. I'm not exactly feeling this is in the W column.

Preview: Fourth time's the charm?

Will we ever beat LA again? After we failed miserably in this department last night, Wade Miley gives it his best shot this evening at Chase Field.

Preview: Beat LA

If it's not the Giants, it must be the Dodgers. Or does it just seem that way? We take Los Angeles on in the first of a three-game set at Chase tonight.

Series Preview #5, vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Our second "home" series against Los Angeles. This time, it's actually not taking place 7,000 miles away from Arizona.

Preview: What is this "cautious optimism" thing?

A genuinely new experience tonight. For the first time in 2014, we reach the final game of a series with a shot at winning the set. Hey, beats the previous three series, certainly...

Preview: Starting over?

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. Is it bad that, ten games into the season, this has become a good summation of my approach to D-backs games?

Preview: Opening Day v4.0

The Diamondbacks get to play in their fourth home opener. Hooray?


Preview #4: Diamondbacks at Giants

All we can hope for, is that the second encounter of the season with San Francisco, goes a little bit better than the first.

Preview: Rocky in the mountains

Wade Miley is the only Arizona pitcher to have got a W this season. Will he get a second one, before anyone else notches their first, and save us from a sweep at the hands of Colorado?

Preview: Trying to avoid a franchise worst

The Diamondbacks go into this afternoon's game, needing a victory to avoid setting a new record: we've never gone 1-7 to start a season before. Heavy is the head that takes the mound: Brandon McCarthy in this case.

Preview: Radio-only road opener

Our first "road" game of the season - not counting the "home" games which took place seven thousand miles from Arizona, anyway. You'll have to listen to this one, because it's not on TV.

Dbacks-Rockies Series Preview: A look at Colorado

This series will certainly be a big test early on, for the already taxed D-backs pitching.

Preview: Then came Bronson

Bronson Arroyo makes his Diamondback debut, as Arizona seeks to salvage a split of the four-game set against San Francisco at Chase Field, in the first day game of the regular season there.

Preview: Call to Cahill

With the first W under our belts, Trevor Cahill will be trying to improve severely on his debut in Australia, as we look to put together consecutive victories over the San Francisco Giants at Chase Field.

Preview: April fools?

The D-backs have been outscored by five runs this year, but sit at 0-3, one defeat from tying the worst start ever in franchise history. Wade Miley will try to stop that from happening tonight.

Preview #1, vs. Giants: Opening Day and beyond

Baseball is back. This time on our actual soil.

Preview: Opening day v2. Bigger! Homier! Winnier?

The second Opening Day for the Diamondbacks, this one not taking place seven thousand miles away from home. Hopefully, the result will also be somewhat different.

Preview: Your Arizona Zzzzz-backs

Trust you are all refreshed and recharged, ready for another exciting edition of Antipodean baseball. Let's hope the script is a little different from last night though. Maybe a hit with runners in scoring position? Just a thought...

Preview: And so, it begins...

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? I'm not sure I even remember how to do these, it has been so long. Welcome to the 2013 major-league baseball season. Tonight starts the Diamondbacks' journey to the World Series. Will that dream last till morning?

Series Preview #1: D-backs and Dodgers

Well, here we go. It’s finally time for baseball that counts. We’ve been waiting for this since... September 12th last year.

Preview: The final battle

So, this is it then. The 162nd and final game of the season. Will the last person out of Chase Field, please remember to turn the lights off?

Preview: Attendance at Chase

Penultimate game of the year: Arizona needs to win today to have any chance of finishing above .500. But what has this season's mediocrity done for crowds?

Preview: Your Daily Strasburg

The last series of the season, and this is for all the marbles. Well, as long as you define marbles as "a record fractionally above or below .500".

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