Your Saturday Sporcle: Home-run leaders

Time for our weekly quiz regarding the Diamondbacks, and you have seven minutes to come up with the leading home-run hitters in franchise history.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Party Like It's 1999

The Diamondbacks' first trip to the post-season came in 1999, when the faced the Mets in the Division Series. They went down in four games, but how many of the 25 men on the roster can you remember?


Brown Hand Center Doctor dies

This is one for old school SnakePitters, who remember the summer of 2010. The hand doctor who used his family in creepy-looking adverts, when not going to court for domestic abuse, has died in Florida.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Closing Time

Sixteen different pitchers have saved at least six games in a season, a total of 31 times, for the Diamondbacks. How many of them can you name in five minutes?

Vote for the 1921 All-Stars!

The SABR All-Star Project is now into the roaring twenties, with Babe Ruth chasing his own mark of 54 homers, set the previous year.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Diamondbacks First Basemen

Following up on last week quiz, where you had to name all the D-backs All-Stars, this one's a little tougher. You have to name the 20 Arizona players with the most starts at first-base in franchise history. As usual, last names only are needed.

A farewell to 2013

And with their victory last night, the Red Sox brought to an end the 2013 season of baseball. While we won't exactly be hibernating until spring, I want to pause and thank a few people, without whom the SnakePit would not have been what it was.

Name the Diamondbacks All-Stars

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name all the players who have represented the Diamondbacks at the All-Star game. You have four minutes.


25th Anniversary of Kirk Gibson's Hobbled Home-Run

25 years ago today, Diamondbacks' manager Kirk Gibson hit one of the most memorable home-runs in baseball history. While it was for the Dodgers, it's still pretty cool.

Pit Your Wits: The Aftermath

Who has won PYW this year? Read on and find out!

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