Your Saturday Sporcle: Y2K HOF, OK?

There are three players who will be going in to the Hall of Fame this summer, as a result of this week's election. But how far down the list can you get, of the others to go in since 2000?

The Snakepit Writers Association Hall of Fame

We polled the Snakepit writing staff as to who they would vote for in the Hall of Fame. Read on to see who made the cut!

Your Saturday Sporcle: Cooperstown Candidates

The results of the 2014 Hall of Fame balloting will be announced on Wednesday. But do you know all the players on this year's ballot?

2013: A Year in SnakePit

The first rule of the SnakePit is... You do not talk about the SnakePit. However, once a year, we waive that rule and get meta on your asses. Follow me, why don't you, into SnakePitCeption....

The 2014 D-backs: Non-serious prediction edition

Tomorrow starts a new year: what will it bring for Arizona? Let's gaze deep into our crystal baseballs, and see what the future holds. [Future subject to change]

Your Saturday Sporcle: Where are they now?

Difficult though it may be to believe, but there were actually other baseball players on the market this winter, apart from Masahiro Tanaka. Do you know who'll be with in 2014?

Merry Christmas from AZ SnakePit

Happy Christmas - or whatever festivity you care to celebrate. May it be a peaceful one, that you get to spend in a pleasing fashion, with whomsoever you desire. Even if that's simply yourself!

Your Saturday Sporcle: Loss leaders

Which D-backs pitchers have won the most games? Too easy (well, for this week). Can you tell us the 24 D-backs pitchers who have lost more than 15 times for Arizona?


Happy Holidays from the Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field as you probably haven't seen it before...

Your Saturday Sporcle: Second-base situation

There have been 19 players to have started at least 20 games for the Diamondbacks at second-base. How many of them can you name? You have seven minutes; as usual, last names only are fine.

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