Your Saturday Sporcle: Men in the Iron Mask

20 players have started at least one game behind the plate for the Arizona Diamondbacks. How many of them can you remember?

The Wild Card: Expansion franchise

If you were to create a new franchise, where would it be? What would its nickname be? Uniforms?

The Week In Diamondback Tweets

Managed to extricate myself from the cesspool which is Twitter with the Dodgers in town, and put together some of the less knuckle-dragging Tweets about this past week in the world of the Diamondbacks.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Hitting Streaks

In honor of Paul Goldschmidt's hitting streak, which ended at the second-longest ever by a Diamondbacks, we have a special bonus Sporcle. How many can you name of the other D-backs to have got a hit in more than a dozen consecutive games?

The Wild Card: First Game Memories

Dodger Stadium was the first Major League stadium I ever visited. I think about that a little in advance of this upcoming (at home, but still) series against them.

The Week In Diamondback Tweets

Fan angst, Game of Thones and CSI: McCarthy feature in this edition.

The Wild Card: Fan Anguish and Feels

We've all felt Shakespearean anguish over a sporting event, but how does it manifest itself?

Guest recappers for April: Sign-ups open

Time to open the doors of the SnakePit writers dunge...er, lounge, to the world at large. As ever, Sunday recaps are open to anyone who wants to try their hand. Maybe you'll bring the team better luck than the regular crew have managed so far!

The Week In Tweets: Home (opener) again

We're back to playing regular baseball - y'know, North of the equator and stuffing our faces with obscene volumes of food. Also this week, PEDs, Tommy John and killing flies with Brandon McCarthy.


You thought you were clicking on a easily digestible and sharable piece of clickbait, what happened next was totally unexpected.


The Week In Diamondback Tweets: Land of L'Oz

The Australian trip is over. We shall not see its like again. I miss those 2am starts to games. Or not. Not works too. Here is what the Twitterverse had to say about this weekend's games.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Opening Day!

You probably know who started for the Diamondbacks last night. But what of the other 15 Opening Days for Arizona? How many of those players can you remember?

The Week in Diamondback Tweets

This season, we'll be curating the best of social media comments regarding the Diamondbacks - we trawl Twitter, so you don't have to! Over the first week, there was excitement about Australia, but also sadness over a pitcher's arm issue.

Your Saturday Sporcle: International baseball

With the Diamondbacks leaving the United States tomorrow, it seems appropriate to have a quiz about major-league players from outside the US.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Sinister Snakes

In honor of the arrival of Oliver Perez, can you name the Diamondbacks' left-handed pitchers to have appeared in 30 or more games for the franchise?

The Only Real Game

You might remember, we mentioned this documentary about baseball in a remote Indian province back in December. It's now playing at the Harkins Camelview, for this week only.

The HB2 Projection System: Australia Opener

In less than a month, the Diamondbacks and Dodgers will be squaring off in Australia. Using an old video game, we determine how it will go. Spoiler: Not well.

Your (early) Saturday Sporcle: Short-term memory

This one goes all the way back to... 2013. How many of the 44 players we used just last season can you list?

Your Saturday Sporcle: A case of the runs

Thirty Diamondbacks have crossed home-plate for the team more than 120 times. How many can you name?

Your Saturday Sporcle: "Third Base!"

There are 20 players who have twenty or more starts there for Arizona. Some are easy - some... Not so much. How many can you get?

2014 SnakePit roster announced

With spring training under way, it was time for the traditional round-up of 'Pit contributors (a.k.a. "the herding of the kitties"). Here are the details of the roster moves for the 2014 season

Your Saturday Sporcle: Spring has sprung

Spring training has begun, and soon, Salt River Fields will be filled with bodies, as players compete for a spot on the Opening Day roster. But how many of those who will be present do you know?

The SnakePit Super Bowl Thread

This afternoon is one of the few great communal viewing experiences left, as the entire nation gathers round the TV to cheer, boo, analyze and discuss. Unfortunately, there'll also be a game of alleged "football" going on between commercials.

Your Saturday Sporcle: Rich Pitchers

As a great Swedish philosopher once wrote, :"Money, money, money - always sunny, in the rich man's world." But how many of the richest of active pitchers do you know?

The differences between football and baseball

I've been watching a lot of football of late. Naturally, I do not mean the mutant rugby which climaxes this weekend in New Jersey, but the one played mostly with your foot and an actual ball, not your hands and a prolate spheroid.

Projecting the Diamondbacks: HB2 System

We look at how the Diamondbacks may do this season based on the scientific projection system of Hardball II, a computer game from 1989.

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