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SnakeBytes: Tanakamania Update


It's a week today since Masahiro Tanaka was officially posted, and the process began. Though there's still more than three weeks remaining - you didn't think it would be over quickly, did you? -...

Masahiro Tanaka contract: crowdsourcing it


Let's crowdsource what Masahiro Tanaka might receive in a contract from whichever major-league team is lucky enough to win the battle for his services.

Projecting Masahiro Tanaka


Hiroki Kuroda? Yu Darvish? Somewhere in the middle? Let's chew up their Japanese league numbers and see what we can find out.

Should Arizona have offered $130 million to Choo?


It looks like the Korean on-base machine will be plying his trade in Texas next year, the Rangers having signed the top remaining free-agent to a deal through 2020. Should the D-backs have gone there?

Baseball to ban collisions at home-plate


As well as the trade news last week from Florida, the Playing Rules Committee also voted to end the long-standing "tradition" of runners coming into home-plate and bowling over catchers. But will...

MLB weekly round-up: Cano place like home


Figure I'd better post this review ahead of schedule - with the winter meetings kicking off tomorrow, there will probably be plenty of new trades and rumors of trades to discuss!

Any tasty non-tender nuggets for the D-backs?


Including Daniel Hudson, a total of 43 players were non-tendered contracts by their teams yesterday, making them officially free-agents, able to negotiate with every team. Any players of interest...

MLB weekly round-up: Twins killing


A pretty light week in terms of baseball moves this week, for understandable reasons. However, the Twins appear to be opening the wallet in the Twin Cities.

Gonzo, Sexson join Schilling on 2014 HoF ballot


There'll be three former Diamondbacks on the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot, with Luis Gonzalez and Richie Sexson being added, and joining Curt Schilling in his second year. After no-one was elected last...

MLB round-up: What was the move of the week?


It seems like the hot-stove has heated up earlier than usual. We're not even at the winter meetings and we've already seen some big signings and trades. Let's review what has gone done in the past...

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