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MLB round-up: What was the move of the week?

It seems like the hot-stove has heated up earlier than usual. We're not even at the winter meetings and we've already seen some big signings and trades. Let's review what has gone done in the past week.

Today's poll: A-Rod or A-Fraud?

It has been an interesting week for Alex Rodriguez, shall we say. Has it changed what you think of the best-paid player in baseball history?

Today's poll: ballpark security at Chase

You might have to make your way through a metal detector to get into Chase Field next season, if MLB has its way. No word yet on whether you'll also have to take your shoes off.

Arizona Fall League Championship Gameday Thread

Ok, folks. Last chance to watch professional baseball in North America until 2014.

National League MVP: How Goldschmidt came second

This afternoon, Paul Goldschmidt became the highest-ranked Diamondback ever in MVP voting, finishing second to Andrew McCutchen. Here's how it went down.

Will Goldschmidt get our best MVP result ever?

Today sees the announcement of the MVP results in both the American and the National League. Even if Paul Goldschmidt doesn't win, he could still set a few franchise records.

Why a "Manager of the Year" award is dumb

I think it's safe to say there won't be any Arizona representatives needing to clear mantelpiece space today. But, really, is there a point to this award?

Fernandez NL Rookie of the Year, Pollock shut out

Jose Fernandez of the Marlins beat out Yasiel Puig in the voting to become National League Rookie of the Year. A.J. Pollock was not listed on any ballots.

BBWAA Awards kick off with Rookies of the Year

Unlike last year, there isn't a Diamondback with a chance of winning Rookie of the Year. Which means I'm in the "anyone but Puig" line. How have Arizona done in this award previously? Will A.J. Pollock be mentioned?

SABR Defensive Index: Parra is good, Corbin robbed

SABR released their defensive index numbers today - this season was the first time they were part of the decision process for the Gold Glove awards. How did these objective numbers match up to the winners?

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