MLB All-Star Game

All-Star Diamondbacks, #2: Gonzo Rocks The Vote in 2001


Today's the Home-Run Derby at Chase, in which some of the most feared sluggers in the game (as well as Rickie Weeks) will be lining up to try and take advantage of the hitter-friendly conditions at...

All Star Sunday Eyewitness Report: Futures Game and Legends-Celebrity Softball Game


All Star Sunday: One fan's experiences at the 2011 XM MLB Futures Game and the Taco Bell Celebrity-Legends Softball Game

World 4, USA 6 - Double or Nothing


The All Star Futures Game held at Chase Field featured 50 top players from around the minor leagues. Diamondbacks hitter Paul Goldschmidt went 0 for 4, and Tyler Skaggs pitched a scoreless inning....

All-Star Diamondbacks: The Futures Is Now


The Futures Game takes place today in Phoenix, and showcases some of the rising stars of the game. We look at the Diamondbacks who have previously made it - including one previous Futures MVP.

All-Star Diamondbacks: Eat, Drink and Be Merry...


Close to 150,000 people will be through the doors of Chase Field in the next few days. We look at the food and drink on offer for this year's All-Star Game, including some special additions to the...

All-Star Diamondbacks, #3: Randy and Curt destroy the American League


The Diamondbacks provided the NL All-Star Game starter for three straight years. We look at the dominance of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling in the midsummer classic.

All-Star Phoenix: A Once and Future Game


Phoenix has never hosted an MLB All-Star Game, but it has hosted few other All-Star events. We look back at what they were, how All-Star games were started, and wonder what it will be like when the...

All-Star Diamondbacks, #4: Damian Miller Comes Home


In 2002, Arizona catcher Damian Miller came home to Wisocnsin and appeared in his only All-Star Game. He tied a record by doubling twice, making him #4 on our list of best D-backs All-Star Game...

All-Star Diamondbacks: Did These AZ Players Miss Out?


We look at the players in Diamondbacks history, who might feel unjustly omitted from the All-Star Game.

Vote Ian Kennedy For The Final Man Vote


Vote Ian Kennedy for the Final Man VoteVote Early... Vote Often!

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