Diamondbacks Game Reports

Diamondbacks 7, Cubs 5: Cheese it, the Feds!

Throwback uniforms for the Diamondbacks and Cubs today, but the teams playing looked too familiar to the fans. Fortunately, this one came out in Arizona's favor this time.

Diamondbacks 2, Cubs 9: #Twittercap

You don't really want to read a detailed account of this one, do you? Because you're not going to get one here. Tonight, instead, it's a Very Special Recap - I was going to make it a musical version, but Joss Whedon isn't returning my calls.

Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 5: Wood floats, Arroyo sinks

You wouldn't have know these were the two worst teams in the National League tonight at Wrigley Field. Because the Cubs didn't look that bad. The Diamondbacks, on the other hand...

Diamondbacks 1, Dodgers 4: Beyond Resurrection

Anyone hoping for a return to life for our team was sorely disappointed today. Hopefully, there was time spent with family and hunting eggs to take away the misery. At this point, our summer may be better spent concentrating on families and holidays

Diamondbacks 6, Dodgers 8: Singin' the Blues

Rookie starter Mike Bolsinger looked promising through three innings, but was touched up for six earned runs in the fourth and fifth. Los Angeles scored eight in those two innings to effectively...

Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 2: Hill Raising

The D'Backs snapped a six game losing streak against the Dodgers tonight, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Diamonds 2, Mets 5: Swept at home

The Diamondbacks bats were quiet far too long today, and the Mets took advantage of Arizona's mistakes.

Dbacks 0, Mets 9: Is it even a dumpster fire?

I'll be honest. I didn't have particularly high hopes for this game. Bronson Arroyo hasn't really impressed me much this season. However, even in my darkest nightmares, I couldn't have expected what happened next.

Diamondbacks 3, Mets 7: Groan of unbearable angst

We lost at home to the (curse word)ing Mets. How do you think it went?


Diamondbacks 6, Dodgers 8: Can't Dodge the sweep

Diamondback fans might have been feeling optimistic. The team had just completed a series win on the road in San Francisco. The team was only three games out of first; we're in this! But after this series, it's quickly seeming like all hope is lost.


Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 8: Greinke Shines

A mix of bad pitching and untimely hitting resulted in another home loss for the Diamondbacks.

Dodgers 6 D-backs 0: Well, that was kinda fun...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first Beer by Beer recap of a game. Behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamondbacks 6, Giants 5: Extras on Get Away Day

Tony Campana and Cliff Pennington totaled 7 hits to lead the Diamondbacks to their first series victory of the season.

DBacks 7, Giants 3: Is "Owned" Strong Enough?

Paul Goldschmidt faced off against Tim Lincecum tonight in San Francisco. If you know these two players, you can guess how it ended.

Diamondbacks 3, Giants 7: Normal service resumes

Turns out Sunday's victory over the Rockies was more a blip than any sign a corner had been turned. Another awful game from our starting pitcher condemned the D-backs to their eighth loss in the first 10 games. We're also 0-4 in Opening Days.


Diamondbacks 5, Rockies 3: Singular becomes Plural

That took a long time didn't it? But the guys in Sedona Red secured their second win of the season. That it took nine games to get to this point . . . well, let's focus on the positives, eh?

Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 9: Worst start ever

Once again the Diamondbacks' pitching proves to be the shortcoming of the 2014 club as they fall to 1-7 on the season, the worst start in seventeen years.

Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 12: Blacked out in Coors

Ironically, before this game, I was discussing with Turambar the possibility of a combined recap/Fang Food piece. It's ironic, because pretty much the only way to get through this one would have been to drink heavily.

Diamondbacks 0, Giants 2: A Quiet Night Out

Tim Hudson shut down the Diamondbacks offense. Trevor Cahill didn't pitch poorly, but he just didn't have any room for error.

Diamondbacks 5, Giants 4: Victory, not vengeance

I missed the top of the first inning. So, as far as I'm concerned, we scored twice in the bottom half, then Wade Miley, Will Harris and Addison Reed blanked San Francisco the rest of the way. Easy win. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Diamondbacks 8, Giants 9: Another Bullpen Meltdown

The game started off well, and then it didn't so hard.

Diamondbacks 8, Cubs 9: And so, it ends...

Arizona almost pulling off a stunning comeback, rallying from six runs down to have a ninth-inning lead. However, our bullpen couldn't hold it - let's hope that's not an omen for the season to come...

Diamondbacks 1, Cubs 3: Chase what doesn't matter

The first warm-up game at Chase didn't augur well for the upcoming re-start to the season, as the D-backs were blanked on four hits into the eighth inning by Edwin Jackson and the Cubs.

Diamondbacks 1/2, Reds 9/Indians 3

There was to be no joy for Arizona in the final split-squad session of 2014, as both sides lost. The road D-backs went down heavily in Goodyear, but the Salt River Fields bunch kept it closer.

D-backs 14, Cubs 4: That's where our offense went

After managing one run over the first 26 innings in Australia, looks like our hitters found the "on" switch. They pounded out 20 hits in a Cub beatdown so harsh, PETA released a statement of concern.

Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 7: Too little, too late

Trevor Cahill belly flopped in his 2014 debut, and the D-backs' offense struggled to push runs across against Hyun-Jin Ryu. A four-run ninth inning ultimately wasn't enough to split the opening series with Los Angeles.

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