Diamondbacks Game Reports

D-backs 5, Reds 4: Didi + Goldie provide the java


6.2 innings from Miley and two-run homers by Didi Gregorius and Paul Goldschmidt proved just enough for the Diamondbacks to beat the Reds in Cincinnati, and take the series as well.

Dbacks 0, Reds 3: Well, I guess that happened


A rough start to the game from Cahill, plus the offense forgetting that there was a game today, doomed the Diamondbacks tonight.

Diamondbacks 2, Reds 1: And so it goes


Just your normal, run-of-the-mill, offensively deficient, 15-inning game.

Dbacks 2, Phillies 4: Posey beats Dbacks in Philly


The Buster Posey rule, introduced to limit collisions at the plate, turned around and potentially cost the D-backs this game.

Diamondbacks 10, Phillies 6: Prado pounds Philly


Despite a poor outing from Josh Collmenter, Martin Prado and the Diamondbacks' offense did enough damage to get the win in extras.

ARI 5, PHI 9: It's my Marte and I'll cry if I want


Normally, a day when you get a pinch-hit grand-slam off the bench would be quite a good one. Not so here, at that was more a twitch of the death nerve than anything else.

D-backs 5, Tigers 11: If a pitching staff falls...


...and there's no-one around to see it, because the game isn't televised in Arizona, did it really happen? Unfortunately, the answer to that conundrum appears to be, "Yes."

Diamondbacks 5, Tigers 4: Montero Raises Some Hill


A great night offensively from Hill, plus some late heroics from Montero, and an save from Reed gave the Diamondbacks the win tonight.

D'Backs 3, Tigers 4: Do Dream, Win Streak Over


The Tigers were slightly better, and their much maligned bullpen came through to defeat the Diamondbacks


Diamondbacks 3, Cubs 2: Return of the Dbacks

On a day filled with Star Wars Theme Music, Bad Photoshop Jobs, and Lightsabers the Dbacks pull a 3-2 winner against the Chicago Cubs. Jedi Master/Starting Pitcher Josh Collmenter pitched 7 strong...


Diamondbacks 4, Giants 8: Watching History Happen

Tthe Giants' battery mates each managed a grand slam in a game that went from a pitchers' duel to a laugher in two short innings.

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 0: Turnabout shutout


The day after being kept scoreless by Tim Lincecum and the Giants, Wade Miley and the Diamondbacks did the same, four-hitting San Francisco for their third shutout of this season.

D-backs 0 Giants 5: Beercap of Unending Tommy John


Will any of our pitchers survive this nightmare?!??!?!

D-backs 4, Marlins 3: Are you Addison in disguise?


That was unexpected. Matinee baseball ended in a Wednesday walkoff, as the Diamondbacks scored three in the bottom of the tenth, overturning a two-run deficit to take the series against the Marlins.

Diamondbacks 1, Marlins 2: Addison Gores Vidal


The Diamondbacks' starter pitched well. Addison Reed blew the save. It must be Tuesday.

Diamondbacks 9, Marlins 1: Monday Night Fish Fry


Chase Anderson and the Diamondbacks offense shellacked the Marlins tonight. As they are wont to do.

D-backs 3, Braves 1: Wade = W, no "ade" neede


Miley has been winless for so long, he was considering changing his name to NDade Miley. But this afternoon, he pitched well and the offense proved just good enough to give him his first victory in...

Diamondbacks 4, Braves 10: Well, that sucked


This wasn't even "if a tree falls in the forest" kind of suckage, where it's mostly people who already know how bad we are, that get to see it. Weren't sure why Arizona has the worst record in the...

Diamondbacks 2, Braves 5: No joy on July 4th


Josh Collmenter dug the Diamondbacks into a deficit that was just too hard to escape against a dominant Ervin Santana.

D-backs 10, Pirates 2: That was easy. Eventually.


As the Diamondbacks were being no-hit in the sixth inning, you could probably have got extremely long odds on this turning into our first blowout win in four weeks. But a seven-run ninth will tend...

Beercap Yarr!! D-backs...not yar. Lose 1-5 to PIT


There be losing in this post, yarrrrrrrrrr

Diamondbacks 2, Pirates 3: Reed Blows Miley's Game


Miley started off perfect, changed to simply great, and then in the end, gave up two base runners, which Addison Reed then allowed to score.

Diamondbacks 1, Padres 2: Despaigne Brings Pain


Mike Bolsinger gave up 2 runs in 6 innings but had no run support from his offense as the D-backs lost the series finale.

D-backs 2, Padres 1: Can Brandon always face them?


McCarthy pitched seven strong as he picked up only his second win of the year.

BeerBQcap: Dbacks 1, Cleveland 6


BBQ and Beer with EdBiggHead

Dbacks 9, Indians 8: The Myth of Free Baseball


There is an economic principal very scientifically known as "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch". Once again, this was proven tonight by "free" baseball costing us a ninth inning lead. And...

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