Diamondbacks Features

The Holmberg era begins

Pitching prospect David Holmberg will make his debut for the Diamondbacks tonight at Chase Field. We're excited for that. But how excited should we be?

September call-ups for the Diamondbacks

Rosters expand a week tomorrow, so let's take a look and see who might be joining the Diamondbacks team for the final month of the season.

The 2013 season: an obituary

Time of death: 12:20pm Eastern, August 22, 2013. Location: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati. Cause: Pitching failure. Yep, I'm calling it. I'd be delighted to proven wrong, but..

First thoughts on a 2014 Opening Day roster

Since it's an off-day today for the D-backs, let's take a look forward, and speculate on what our Opening Day roster for next season may look like.

The Diamondbacks on the basepaths

It seems like the team has struggled with their base-running this season, despite firing former first-base coach Eric Young Sr. Is that borne out by the numbers?

Is the Diamondbacks' season over?

We're now 5.5 back of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and have gone 6-10 since the All-Star break. Is it time, realistically, to relax and enjoy the remaining games for what they are?

Retrofitting the 2013 Diamondbacks

By that, I mean: knowing what we do now, could we improve the current team? Since it's an off-day, let's set our hindsight to "stun," and see what we come up with.

Diamondbacks Pitching: Third Time's The Harm

The starting rotation for Arizona has been a mixed bag of results. However, there's one trend that highlights an area where they definitely struggle.

The 2013 Diamondbacks: Living up to expectations?

Back in April, we took a look at the early indicators to see whether the team had changed in ways Kevin Towers had expected. Now, with a more-realistic number of games under our belt, let's review and see how things have changed.

Starting pitching: Seven into five won't go

Let's take a look at each member of the rotation, how they've performed, and what the prospects are for them in the second half of the season.

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