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The domino effect of signing Bronson Arroyo


Signing Bronson Arroyo means Randall Delgado gets moved out of the rotation. But, hang on - turns out, it's not quite as simple as that. Delgado is far from the only player likely affected by the...

Will Bronson make AZ look a right Charlie?


The D-backs didn't get their ace, but they did get someone with a long track record of reliability. Let's look at what Arroyo might bring to the team going forward.

#DHallChat: The unanswered questions


Brave is the sports team president who takes on an open Q+A on Twitter. That would be Derrick Hall this afternoon. But what of the questions he didn't quite get to?

Spring Questions, #1: Shortstop selection


Some aspects of the Diamondbacks' team for 2014 already seem settled. Others, not so much. As we head toward spring training, with the first arrivals next week, let's take a look at some of the...

2014 Diamondbacks projections


shoewizard put together a table combining the ZIPS, Oliver and Steamer projections for our offense this year. Here are the numbers it spat out for the 2014 hitters.

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Most Valuable Player


Though I'm tempted to call this "Most Foregone Conclusion" and have done with it. :) Probably the more interesting question is, who'll come runner-up? So I'm not just doing a straight poll this time.

Platooning the 2014 D-backs


Last year, the Diamondbacks were about in the middle of the pack for getting the platoon advantage. Should they try and do better in 2014?

Trading J.J. Putz?


With Addison Reed in the Diamondbacks bullpen, it has been suggested the team may now deal last year's Opening Day closer J.J. Putz.


My 10 Bold Predictions for the 2014 Diamondbacks

I figure on the first day of the year, it's time to give my 10 Dbacks predictions for 2014.

The Diamondbacks 2013: In memoriam


The year is virtually in the books - where does the time go? The season itself may have been largely forgettable, with another 81-win total. But when you look back at 2013 in a few years, what will...

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