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Is Sippin' easy?

With the World Series finishing up soon, it's time for the team to start looking at roster decisions. While most arbitration-eligible candidates are easy choices, that might not be the case for left-hander Tony Sipp.

What are the chances of seeing MVPaul?

Ballots for the National League MVP voting have to be turned in on Sunday, and the Diamondbacks have one of this year's leading candidates, in Paul Goldschmidt. What are his chances of becoming the first Arizona player to win the award?

2013 Diamondbacks: What went wrong

We start our review of the 2013 season, with an overview of some of the reasons why the team failed to improve on last year's .500 record. Some will be gone in to, in more detail, the rest of the month, so consider this more a primer.


2013: The Diamondbacks Year In Pictures

It was a year which. overall, will live long in the annals of Diamondbacks mediocrity, as the team finished for the second consecutive season exactly at .500. But that doesn't mean there weren't moments and images to remember.

How many All-Star Games for Babe Ruth?

Al over at Bleed Cubbie Blue wrote about the SABR Retroactive All-Star Game project, and it got me thinking...

Turds in the pool

Lot of discussion regarding the Dodgers celebrating by jumping in the pool at Chase Field after yesterday's game...

Trading for power: do we need a slugger?

Do the Diamondbacks need to beef up their power output? Recent comments from Kevin Towers suggest that's certainly being considered:

Dbacks GM Kevin Towers speaks

Before last night's game in San Francisco (which I'm sure we'd all rather forget!), snakecharmer had a chance to chat for a little bit with Arizona GM Kevin Towers, and ask him for his thoughts on the season now winding down, and what the off-season

September call-ups: a Diamondbacks history

Tomorrow sees rosters expand. Let's take a look back at who appeared in previous seasons as a September call-up for the D-backs.


Painfully Average? For Now.

I posted a blog at the beginning of the baseball season advocating for Kevin Towers and the organization's new "direction". However, I failed to address what reasonable expectations could be for this season.

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