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The Revival of Trevor Cahill


Since his return from the minors, Cahill has had a much-improved ERA of 3.20, compared to 5.66 when he accepted his assignment. How did we get here, what has changed, and will it continue?

Kirk Gibson: Should he stay or should he go?


Conflicting reports this week as to the future of Diamondbacks' manager Kirk Gibson. Will he be here in 2015?

Chase What Matters, Mr. Anderson


Continuing our occasional series covering good things about the 2014 Diamondbacks, we turn to the rotation, where pitcher Chase Anderson, has come out of nowhere to put up the best ERA of any...

The 2014 D-backs: Doing best on TV?


It has been a wretched season for the Diamondbacks. They're currently 10 games worse than 2013 and last night's crowd was the smallest of the year. But their TV ratings are holding up, surprisingly...

The Legacy of Prado in Arizona


Fairly or not, Martin Prado will always be joined at the hip with Justin Upton in Arizona. His trade to the Yankees adds another wrinkle to that story.

So long, Gerardo, and thanks for all the webgems


Only four players in Diamondbacks history have played more games for the team than Gerardo Parra. We bid our Venezuelan outfielder a fond farewell, and wish him all the best in Milwaukee.

Off-day ambivalence thread: rooting for losses


The Diamondbacks head for the East, on a road-trip through Philadelphia and Cincinnati. But wanting them to win might not be in our best interests.

The 2014 Diamondbacks: Second-half preview


We're round the turn, and the end, though still some way off, is in sight. What will the second-half bring for the D-backs?

The 2014 Diamondbacks: First-half review


Or, "How many synonyms can I find for 'sucked' without repeating myself?"

When will Arizona have their next winning season?


A reader emailed me yesterday, "Just curious when you see the D-Backs having another winning season again, assuming it won't end up being this year." It's a very interesting question.


Let's talk about Addison Reed and HR/FB rates


Addison Reed and Brandon McCarthy have seen their pitches fly out of the park at almost record levels this year. Brandon may have gone, but can we expect Addison's rate to decrease?

PRESENTED BY 349017245_fanduel_stb_black

First thoughts toward a 2015 Diamondbacks rotation


Off day for Arizona today, as they make the long trek from Phoenix to... er, San Francisco. As a talking point for the day, let's discuss who might be in our rotation on Opening Day 2015. Here are...

Then Went Bronson: our 2014 rotation implosion


The departure of Brandon McCarthy and the loss of Bronson Arroyo to Tommy John surgery means that Wade Miley is the only current member of our rotation to survive from Opening Day, barely three...

Analyzing the Thatcher/Campana for prospects deal


And they're off! The first big deal of the 2014 season for the D-backs, saw left-handed reliever Joe Thatcher and speedy outfielder Tony Campana traded to the Angels for two prospects. Let's look...

Our 2015 Opening Day lineup, as seen in 2010


I was going to do a first pass as to what our roster might look like come next April, but instead, I stumbled across a Fanpost from 2010, predicting our 2015 starting line-up. It makes for...


I think the SnakePit should do a Trade Deadline Contest

Something in the way of; The extremely intelligent, hard working, good (average) looking, beer drinking Pitter staff sets the odds for select Dback players Majors/Minors & each bettor gets $500 (or...

Off-day open deathwatch thread


Well, at least the Diamondbacks won't be the first team this year to fire their GM, the Padres having beaten us to the punch over the week with their dismissal of previous incumbent here, Josh...

New broom La Russa continues to sweep clean


The departure of J.J. Putz seems to suggest the Diamondbacks, under new CBO Tony La Russa, are building for the future more than this season. Who might be next to pack their bags?

J.J. Putz: A remembrance


J.J. Putz had been a fixture with the Diamondbacks since he signed in December 2010. So, today's news that he has been DFA'd marks the end of an era. Here's a look back at the man, the myth and the...

The Diamondbacks History in All-Star Balloting


Goldschmidt currently leads the National League voting to start at first-base. If that holds, he'll be the first Diamondbacks elected to start since 2001, and the first to win his position since...

Paul Goldschmidt and catcher interference


On Thursday night in Houston, Paul Goldschmidt reached base on catcher interference for the fourth time this season. Seems like a bit of a minor epidemic.

Cody Ross: $9.5 million platoon guy?


After the surprising move to send Trevor Cahill down to the minors to get himself sorted out, we're wondering who might be next. Could it be Cody Ross?

The longest home-runs in Chase Field history


We won't forget Paul Goldschmidt's momentous blast in the late innings of Wednesday's blowout win over the Padres in a hurry. But you might be surprised to learn, it barely scrapes into the top 10...

Thoughts on Josh Collmenter's Imperfecto


Last night, Josh Collmenter became the second Diamondbacks to face the minimum 27 batters. It wasn't a perfect game, as he allowed three hits. It was, however, pretty cool.

The mirage of the "proven closer"


We're off to breakfast and Godzilla today, so the Fantasy Baseball update will arrive at some point later, probably this evening. In the meantime, here's a piece on the wisdom (or otherwise) of...

The Road to 42


While as a fan it is always meaningful to remain optimistic about our team, I think it also behooves us to plan for next year and beyond. This post presents my own personal views on how this plan...

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