Fantasy Baseball

SnakeLines, Week 18: Starter Wins

Last week's wager was based on the number of home-runs we'd hit. As the Diamondbacks still haven't won a series since the All-Star break, we clearly didn't hit any homers, right? Wrong...

SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 16

A lot of close games: two ties, two decided by the narrowest of margins and only one by more than two points. But that last was certainly a surprise result.

SnakeLines, Week 17: Home Runs

With a late Thursday game, 'charmer's Trends will appear tomorrow afternoon, so to avoid overcrowding, we're moving up SnakeLines to this afternoon. We can do that because, unfortunately, last week's line is already dead in the water.

SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 15

The extended set of games covering the All-Star break is over, with some big tallies being racked up, for obvious reasons. Who were the fantasy All-Stars?

SnakeLines, Week 16: WINZZZZ!

And we're back. Man, that seemed like more an off-season than an All-Star break. A whole four days without meaningful baseball? I've almost forgotten what Y*s**l P**g looks like. Damn you, baseball...

SnakeLines Bonus: Home-run Derby

As a bonus round, we're offering points to whoever correctly calls the winner of today's Home-Run Derby at Citi Field, which will get under way a little after 5pm Arizona time!

SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Update

Because of the All-Star Game, this round of fantasy baseball is extended to cover both last week, and the shortened sets of games when the season restarts on Thursday. So, let's have a mid-season update for all the teams in the league.

SnakeLines, Week 15: Run Differential

The past week has been a mix of the very good and very poor as far the D-backs were concerned. What of their starters? Did they reach their target? And how will Arizona do against Milwaukee, as we head to the All-Star break?

SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 14

Another round in the books, and we head into the last week before the All-Star Game.

SnakeLines, Week 14: Starter Innings

Aaron Hill was the subject of last round's Snakeline. Did he hit the mark required? And with our bullpen breathing heavily, will our starters go deep in this week's contest?

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